‘Jen Coin’ listed in LBank’s Dubai

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Create Date: 18/01/2023
DUBAI,  Dubai has become a top destination of digital currencies and blockchain technology as the local government has already introduced new rules and regulations to make it easier for investors and companies taking interest in the new alternate mode of money.

This was stated by His Excellency Dr Fahad Al Marabi, CEO ‘Jen Coin’, a China-based top crypto currency and recently listed in LBank, a Digital Exchange with its sub-office in Dubai. He was addressing a press conference held in a local hotel Dubai and announced the benefits of the Jen Coin and stressed people to join their community and crypto currency as its value will be surged after listed in LBank’s Dubai office.

“Our crypto currency, Jen Coin, will be part of a wide range of projects including Fast Bit, online games, VPNs, online shopping including as these will help to see the surge in its price after using by communities around the world,” he said.

He was addressing a media gathering along with his team in Dubai and said “‘Fast Hit’ has became an instant hit among the youths in emerging markets including Asia, China, Ukrain, Russia, UAE and other Gulf countries  and soon the youngster will use this crypto currency and ‘Fast Hit’ to overall improve their financial situation,” he added.

“Experts in the field of Blockchain Technology and the representatives of consolidating firms from 15 countries will attend a huge seminar on ‘Fast Bit’ in Dubai later this month. The Blockchain Technology has become an important tool in today’s world and we are lucky that Dubai with its unique position has become a platform for investors from around the world which is a pleasant news for everyone and its reflects the visionary leadership of the UAE to set eye on the future,” he said.