Japanese oil and gas equipment firm SNM opens office in Dubai

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Create Date: 19/12/2022
Shin Nippon Machinery Co Ltd. (SNM), Japan’s largest steam turbine and process pumps manufacturer for oil & gas and petrochemicals industries, has opened its regional office at Dubai Airport Free Zone (DAFZA) to expand its operations, support and provide services to its customers in the Middle East.

s signed in Dubai by SNM President Hirotaka Sakoda and SMH Manufacturing & Industrial Services Company Managing Director Mohammed Shafeeq Mohammed Haneefa.

“We opened the Dubai office for better serving our clients in the UAE and elsewhere in the Middle East by taking advantage of the geographical benefits. The manufacturing and assembling facilities in Saudi Arabia are aimed at supporting companies in oil & gas and petrochemicals companies in the region,” Hirotaka Sakoda said after signing the JV agreement.

As per the agreement, the two companies will strengthen their work in collaboration with each other and will be centred around the new office in DAFZA.

“This partnership will definitely help us expand our services to all countries in the Middle East,” Hirotaka added.

“The new agreement with Shin Nippon will now lead to major changes in the Middle East energy sector,” added Mohammad Shafeeq Mohammed Haneefa.

SMH’s director Mohammed Shabeer Mohammed Haneefa said the company’s operations are being carried out in alignment with the Saudi Vision 2030 strategy for localising parts.