"With Wealth-i Group, feel the real value in you" ; Says its Founder and Managing Director, Vignesh Vijayakumar Menon.

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Create Date: 24/06/2022
Dubai:- In a world of competition, people often forget how their mental state can help in soaring greater heights. Here we have one exception, Mr. Vignesh Vijayakumar Menon, also known as Vickii,  an expatriate malayali enterpreneur, who have reached so far, but still keeps his roots firm in the values and emotions. He is the Founder and Managing Director of Wealth-i, a corporate service provider, based in Dubai. It holds a total of seven key companies under one roof, namely, Sri Global FZ-LLC, UAE, Global Smart Trading LLC, UAE, Global Smart Star Businessman Services, UAE, S A I Real Estate, UAE, 7-Star Hotel Management, UAE, GSBG Business Consultants Pvt Ltd, India, Triniti Equestrian Club LLP, India, Google Overseas Consultants, Nepal and Global Star Consultants, Kyrgyzstan.

They soon will be seen in many marketing and branding portfolios which will be strengthening their presence in the world market.

The beginnings

Mr. Vignesh was born to a traditional family in Kottakkal; Malappuram district of Kerala. He spent his early childhood days in the ancestral home of his mother, where there was no differences between people, all were treated equally. He was introduced to the then existed divisions in society, when he was moved to his father's ancestral home, where the ancient caste systems and societal divisions were prevalent. As a small boy, he came to know about the fact that money decided the social status of people. Being from a village, he was also attached to nature, a habit that he still carries with him. 

He completed his schooling from Bhavan’s Vidya Mandir School, near Kottakkal, and following, joined for a bachelor's degree in Business Administration in  S.N. College under Calicut University. Unaware of the tough times to come, he completed his degree, and moved to Dubai for a vacation, where his father was working, and several of his relatives were residing. It was one of his relatives who gave him the idea of working in Dubai, along with a reality check regarding his father's financial crisis. Even though he wanted a life in India, circumstances thus made him an expatriate. 

Initial days in Dubai

Getting placed somewhere with a fair pay scale was a herculean task then. Single handedly he started searching for a job, initially from Kasab region of Dubai. Due to the visa changes, he got stuck there for over a week, which gave him an opportunity to attend the interview for a front office job in Fonterra group, renowned corporate enterprise. He still remembers the interview, where his skills of playing violin had helped him to get selected. Once he was appointed, his relatives, whose house he was staying, asked him to move out in a shared apartment, and to pay back the money they had spent for his visa proceedings. He started sharing room with 6 people, which had really pathetic conditions. 

During the weekends he began searching for other jobs. He had even gone for menial jobs including car washing, which could earn him some additional amount, which he used to save. He wanted to pursue his studies, for which he enquired for admissions in SP Jain college, Dubai, but the tuition fees was too high for him to afford then. He did not join that year. He was in touch with one of his fellow applicants, for whom he began to take tuitions. She arranged some more students for him, and this provided him the managerial income from all the sources. 

During the weekends, he used to walk to different places, which gave him awareness regarding the business in Dubai, and the atmosphere of Dubai. 

Being a Businessman

He started his business in Visa changing, acquiring lessons from his experiences in Kasab, in association with Gateway Group. He used every means to market his Business, which eventually led to being fined by RTI, for putting up advertisement in RTI boards. He later got into digital marketing, through which his income increased. 

The 2009 crisis

In 2009, a noteworthy decision by Philippines government led to the cancellation of visas for women to Dubai, as most of them were into Prostitution in UAE. Mr. Vignesh had more than 300 Philippine employees under him, whom he airlifted from Kasab, to help him reach their homeland. It was then that the government had stopped the visa changing proceedings, putting him in a tough spot. 

Along with the same, name not to be revealed, a man from Pakistan used his signed cheques to cheat people, eventually, resulting in 18 police cases in the name of Mr. Vignesh. The only option left before him was to leave to Oman, where he could work for some days, or if getting caught, will be deported to India. He decided to go for the same. 

A moment of Life Change

On his way to Oman, he saw a man in the border, whom he thought to be his companion. But the man was not focussing on the mountain, but the sand. He reminded the former of the fact that Billions were made from this small particles. That sentence changed his life forever. He took a taxi back to his place, surrendered in police station and solved each and everyone of his issues one by one. 

When it was at its final stages, he got a call from a doctor, to meet him. When he reached, he found that the same Pakistani, the person who threw him to debts was dead due to a cardiac arrest in Sharjah Jail. Mr. Vignesh had to solve the legal proceedings to take the body to the funeral. It was from there that his journey towards success started. 

Law of attracting wealth

His concept of Wealth - i slowly began to flourish across Middle East. It has grown to that extend that now he is in close contact as well as partnership with Bollywood actors, including Salman Khan, Lara Dutta, sportsmen like Mahesh Bhupati, Sachin Tendulkar and businessmen like Mukesh Ambani, Adani group and so on. Under Government of India, 10,000 talent centers were opened all over India, which can train people to overcome their fears to achieve what they dream of. The corporate service which can bridge the gap between the financial security and amenities that one aim at is the result of a great vision, which can lead the world to success. He claims that he is always a founder, and each and everyone associated with Wealth - i, including the public are its stakeholders. He also says that if you are a seller you can sell, or achieve any dream, once you have a close emotional connection with the same, and so is the case of wealth too.

Areas of Interest 

Mr. Vignesh is someone who is very close to nature, and owns farms, which he have maintained wonderfully in UAE, India and Kyrgyzstan, as well. He is also into racing, rowing, badminton as well as horse raising. He has a craze of horses, and owns around 63 horses and some elephants in Kerala, India. He is also fond of fishes and keeps several aquariums, having a special liking towards Arvana fishes. He remembers one of his relatives mocking his father, on a matter related to owning cars, which motivated him to develop a liking towards automobiles, and owns 9 luxury high end cars. 

From 2015, he had to face 5 years of stand still in his business, due to several reasons. But nothing could stop him, and now his new office, which will function as one of the chief centers of his ventures, spanning an area of 8000 sq.ft. is under construction. In the 37 years of life, he had seen several rises and steep falls, which have only made him stronger in life.