Guruvayoor Devaswom car auctions ; Devaswom commissioner hears the complaint in presence of defence lawyer.

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Create Date: 11/04/2022
Guruvayoor : As per the instructions from the High Court, Devaswom Commissioner Dr. Biju Prabhakar heard the complaints. Sreenath Padmanabhan from Hindu Mahasabha, represented the petitioners. Muhammad Ali, father of Amal Muhammad Ali, winner of the auction and Adv. A.N. Anoop, representing Mr. Vignesh Menon, Dubai based enterpreneur was also present. 

K.P. Vinayan, administrator ; Guruvayoor Devaswom and K.V. Mohanakrishnan, committee member detailed the case. Devaswom Commissioner will brief the same to the honourable high court later. Mahindra company had given the new model Thar vehicle to Guruvayoor temple as an offering on December 15th, which was auctioned on 18th of December.

Subhash Panikker represented Amal Muhammad Ali in the auction, and won in a margin of 15.10 lakhs. Opposing this, Hindu seva sangham had moved to the court, the hearing if which was conducted now. Additional Secretary K. Jayapal and Section officer Arun had also participated in the hearing