A Helping hand in Perils. Sajid Valliyath

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Create Date: 16/03/2022
A man, whose charismatic personality, that touches our heart like a Bethlehem Lilly - this might suit to define the persona of Sajid Valliyath, a native of Palachuvadu, Payyoli. He has got an expertise to pass through any complicated tests of time, and have proved it with his own life. He have thrived through several harsh weathers of life, and has now reached the springs. A person, who never wastes a moment, whining upon anything, and has carved a special place for himself in the minds of everyone he meet. His extraordinary courage and confidence have made him what he is today. His interest in reading is also remarkable, and he always uses words with utmost care, so that no issues arise based on the same later. Apart from being a most successful businessman in the expat world, he is also someone who walks with the needy, and believes it to be the reason for what God has bestowed him with blessings. 

Born to Moidheen Valliyath and Fathima, on May 16, 1979, at Payyoli, in Kozhikode district of Kerala,he completed his schooling in Mappila LP School; Pallikkulam, Thurayoor UP School and Baqavi Thangal Memorial Highschool, Thurayoor. He joined for Pre Degree in Sree Jyothi Arts and Science College; Vadakara, and completed a bachelor degree in commerce from Mercy College. He couldn't complete M.Com. Since his father was an expatriate, who stayed for more than 30 years in Bahrain, they were financially sound. His father could find for the weddings of two of his sisters. The only period when they were in a financial crisis were when the restaurant run by his father went in a loss. Being the child of an expatriate, he was more close to his mother's father, Mr. Poyil Abdullah. He acknowledges that his interest in reading and several other things was inherited from him. 

He was a very active child in the school. He used to participate in several competitions including mono act and elocution, and has won prizes in district level. He used to earn pocket money by working in his father's shop, and in the early ages of his youth, got a car and started a small scale furniture showroom as well as a computer center. 

His bad time came in the later period, when he was an upcoming expat businessman. He used to invest in share market and used to earn a good fortune. A moment came when he couldn't concentrate into it, and had to hire an agent to look after the same. When he aimed at increasing his own profit, Sajid had to bear great losses. In 30 - 35 years of age, when others were busy growing their business, he had to pay off his great debts. But he has proved again that nothing can ever stop someone from coming back, until he hasn't believed that he failed. His time of peril have always held him close to several activities including poetry. 

Later along with Mr. Mohammed Kothambra, he started a small scale embroidery unit at Ashokapuram, Calicut, which turned out to be the first computerized embroidery unit in Kerala, which is still a successful venture. Doorstep water servicing was also done along with this. 

He always acknowledges the roles of his parents in his success. Along with their motivation, his father in law, Mr. Ahammed Rayaroth is also a great help to him. He also considers his friends as his pillars of support, and is of the opinion that without their timely help, he would not have been a success now. His wide friends circle also include veteran actor Abu Salim. 


He reached Dubai, 2.5 years ago, as a part of a legal service establishment, Yusuf Al Hammadi Legal Consultancy. He could meet the veteran lawyer Yusuf Al Hammadi in person, and also has the support of Adv. Sudhir Babu. 

His entry to literary world was the result of motivation of his father, who used to write letters in the form of poetry, when he was an expat. His sister and himself used to write replies in the same manner. He opines that reading and poetry was of great help, when he went through a broken phase. He has also learned Hipnotism and counselling and is now in the work of a book, which he would like to publish. 

He is an active social media figure, who brings out several things to public notice, through social media. He is also a helping hand, when people face troubles in expat world. He have provided counseling as well as legal help to all those who were in need, especially labour law related cases. His activities have resulted in widening his friends circle also. 


 Mr. Sajid is blessed with a bunch of good friends, who is with him in any situations. Tamim Abubakar, Nandhi Nazar, Ashraf Thamarassery, Nazeer Vadanappilly, Nizar Pattambi and Chako Oolakkadan are some of the prominent names. Besides actor Abu Salim, he is also in touch with other actors including Indrans and Harisree Ashokan. These contacts have paved way for his acting career. He appeared in small roles in movies like Acha Din, Rajadhi Raja, Loham and so on. He has also appeared in 4 episodes of famous television series M80 Moosa. 


His greatest pillar of support is his wife, Mrs. Suhana. She is walking along with him, in every difficult walks of life. The couple have three children, Seba Fathima, Haizam Sajid and Ayan Sajid. 

His well planned steps in life has brought him up in every adverse conditions, and is still forward looking towards the wonderful days to come.