Thameem Aboobacker ; The "Indian touch" in UAE Government Services.

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Create Date: 12/03/2022
 Humanitarian with exceptional skills in commerce. 

Thameem Aboobacker is a key figure in the PRO formation of the Dubai Business world. It is only after years of hard work and confidence that he has become the leader we see to do day from an ordinary village called Thycode in Kozhikode district. He was born to Mr Abubakker Haji, who was working in Qatar Police department and his beloved wife Mrs Safiya.

"He had proved his mettle in various fields, which is greatly acknowledged by public as well as government."

He had imparted religious knowledge along with his primary education at an early age. Growing up under the tutelage of his father as the head of the mosques, he placed great importance on the Islamic beliefs

At the age of 18, he chose to start his expatriate life in Kuwait and later moved to Diera, Dubai. He started his career in Dubai at Jawahar, a Sudanese typing centre. That was a stepping stone for Mr Thameem to Dubai Government Services. In 2006, along with Mr. Bhadar, owner of Jawahar, Mr Thameem first came to Al-Twar Center. In 2006, there was only Court and an Economic Service was linked with  the Government. As a frequent visitor to Al-Tawar centre for court related work, he had understood the heart of the Al Twar Centre. 

Mr Thameem had met Mr Ahmad Lavutur at Emirate Business Centre and he had shared a job opening for a typist. Mr Thameem helped his friend Mr Shamsu to get that job. From there, the friendship grew into a relationship that led to the acquisition of Emirates Professional Business Centre.

It was a challenge for the Keralites to start a business at that time period, when Mr Thameem had took up the challenge. With the help of a lawyer, Memorandum was printed by a keralite, for the first time at Al-Twar Centre. The format that was always used in many institutions even at this juncture is designed at that time and it is customary for it to remain and be updated by the court even if any changes are made. 

By the end of 2006, the ‘Emirate’ was established, with 80 percent of it being government services. Later, the 2012 ‘Presto’ was formed.

It was his interest and vision for the business sector in Dubai that made the Government Service all personal in 2012, a centre that was then confined to small businesses such as the 1-10. The knowledge and precious friendships gained from the interaction of each and every one who came forward were another asset. From a home of 12 people, Today, Al-Tawar Centre is home to more than 10 businesses.
Thameem Aboobacker has proved his mettle in the restaurant sector by focusing on the business sector as well as knowing the minds of the people. He believes that people will be looking for places where tasty food is available at low prices. Apart from Kozhikode Restaurant, he has three other restaurants operating in various parts of Dubai.

He loves to travel and vehicles and has visited over thirty-two countries. He was interested in sports and was an excellent volleyball player.

Mr Thameem’s new business venture is a 24/7 company, that provides a variety of services that allows people to do business in Dubai from anywhere in the world. This new business venture is the result of long standing friendship with business lead, Mr Sadiq Ali.

 He is also planning a cafeteria which serves food in low price for the workers of Al-Tawar Centre. Mr Thameem took care of his co-workers like his family and arranged facilities for them without any difficulty. Over ten thousand people work under Mr Tameem and he has been taking care of them personally as the President of PRO Association.

The UAE's largest flag in the world holds the Guinness World Record and Mr Thameem was also involved in that experiment. He has also received authority to serve all government related services for Expo 2020 from his organization. With over 650 local sponsors, he has created all kinds of government services under one umbrella for the common man's dinner. In 2021 The Dubai Government honoured Mr Thameem with a Golden Visa for his work.