" LEARN QUR'AN" ; an innovative approach to comprehend Holy Qur'an.

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Create Date: 08/03/2022
Dr. Mohammed Khan, the founder, president and CEO of Khans Media City, Editor and Publisher of Hajj Mabroor, released the second edition of "LEARN QUR'AN", written by Hafiz Luq'manul Hakim Azhari in a genius Qur'anic talk held at Al Abrar Great Indian Qur'an Academy. Hafiz Luq'manul Azhari, is a veteran in Holy Qur'an studies, and is a graduate from Al Azhar University, one of the oldest Islamic Universities in Egypt. It is an effort to inculcate the values enshrined in Holy Qur'an to the novel generations. Each chapter has QR code included, so that everyone have equal access to the treasure of knowledge. 

Dr. Mohammed Khan is a multitude of talents, and have carved a niche for himself in various fields. Hajj Mabroor- One and Only Hajj Magazine in the world which published in 15 international major languages languages- is one of their prestigious publication, in association with Ministry of Hajj - Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and H.E. Sheikh AbdulRahman al Sudais, The Grand Masjid Imam of Makka & Madina. Dr. Khan has established himself as the editor and publisher of the same. 

Following the event, there was an interactive session with the students of Al Abrar Academy, where Dr. Khan opined that more research and studies must be conducted to keep the youth in touch with the verses of Holy Qur'an. "The aesthetic beauty of religion will be transferred to generations, only if we advocate the message of love and compassion in our environment. A society based on good values is the need of the hour." ; He added. The organisers of the event also honoured Dr. Khan.