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Create Date: 04/03/2022
Lasith Kayakkal, was not different from any other graduated youth in Kerala, who had an interest in politics. Back in the 90's, when campus politics was more strong, Lasith was a graduation student at Kannur. His parents had brought him up with great expectations, but all they got to hear was new police cases against their son. Even though his father had clear political views, mother was against the entire process, and both were against their son for being a local hooligan for a political party. His mother was so adamant to send him abroad, which finally resulted in him becoming an expatriate in 1997. 

His initial days were not so sound, as he worked as a daily wage employee at Dina Furniture, Sharjah, for 30 dirhams. Still he kept the fire of becoming pioneer undead in his soul. He worked  hard and earned a proper experience, and later became a salesman in the same firm. Years later, he now owns the company, and has brought it to greater heights. Dina Furnitures has become one of the major furniture suppliers in and around Sharjah. People who bossed him, and those who were with him in his struggling days, now work as his employees. There are people from India, Nepal, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka and so many countries working under him.

Even the period of pandemic could not stop their journey, as his team was the first to provide PPE kits, free of cost to several hospitals in UAE for the first time. Later, when the UAE Government initiated the mass sanitization program, his firm was behind the cleaning activities in several government offices and labour camps. Till now, several hospitals and other agencies are availing their services.

He always had an empathy towards people in need, and says that he always like to keep them close in his team. His only sorrrow is that his parents, who only wished to see their son in a good position could not enjoy the same, as they passed away in an accident, within 3 years of Lasith becoming an expatriate. Since then, he is living to fulfill their dreams. Being one from the same background, Lasith has got something to tell the youth who are indulged in campus politics. He says that, it is a time when decisions to be taken come up randomly. It is our wise choice that will influence how our life goes. One should have the courage to say yes or no, wherever it is to be done.