Abdulla Nooruddin, expatriate entrepreneur and the CEO of DSD group,

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Create Date: 27/02/2022
states that Dubai is always a land of opportunities.

Abdulla hails from Thalassheri, Kannur, from a family with no business background. His father
was a professor, and he is an engineering graduate. He had reached Dubai on a visiting visa in
the onset of 1990s, in search of a job. He started his career as a site engineer and consultant in a
private firm. In his career he always wanted upliftment, and hence during this period he got in
contact with many people in 3 years. After that period, he got appointed in Dubai municipality
and worked there for almost four years. The problem he faced in that job was, no appraisal in the
salary. Due to this he shifted himself to a job in Etisalat with double salary. Later he also worked
with Free Zone Airport Authority. In total he served in 3 government authorities.

Along with his partners and friends, he started a small-scale business of Interior Decoration and
trading. Slowly expanded the business to Airport Services. In 12 years, that establishment grew
up to having 12 branches. He acknowledges the role of UAE nationals his growth. He states that
they were really welcoming and friendly. Their help as well as his proficiency in language has
helped him to achieve better. He has also tried a hand in agriculture and has grown fruits as well
as vegetables in his garden. He says that amidst his busy schedule it is really calming and stress
releasing to have a stroll in his garden.

"According to the chief minister of Kerala Shri Pinarayi Vijayan, “expatriates coming back to
Kerala will get enough opportunities in their home country”, but I don't think it will be possible
to the fullest extent." - these are Abdulla's views. He also adds that even if one have enough
skills, he can always come to UAE for this nation always have new opportunities for them. He
considers the post pandemic period as a period of boom or a greater number of chances in all the
fields which is realistic at present.

Abdullah Nooruddin is a man of optimism and he advises the people who are thinking to start
new business to follow the same. He also states that the main reason for failure in any business is

the lack of attention. He also thinks that the most important quality that businessman must have
been his attitude when he has nothing as well as when he has everything. Even when you stand at
the peak of success, you must acknowledge each and every person who have helped you to reach
greater heights. His establishments have a well-prepared plan for the forthcoming years and hope
that each and every one of them will become a grand success.

His advice to new entrepreneurs: “Start the business with your own money (within your
capacity) whether it’s small or big. Don’t go for bank loan in the beginning stage which will lead
you to big disaster.”