Expo 2020 : Slovakya Pavilion introduces Hydrogen Car.

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Create Date: 19/10/2021
Dubai : Slovakian Pavilion introduces the first hydrogen car of the country. The new aerodynamic sports car has several environmental friendly features. The new innovation paved way for the fulfillment of the concept of "technological advancements rooted in sustainable development". 

UAE Minister for International Co - Operation; Reem Al Hashmi, Slovakian Prime Minister Edward Heger and several others participated in the inauguration of the exhibition. "In our pavilion, we aim at exhibiting the beauty of the Nation and our novel innovations in several fields. We look forward to developing the exhibition to a much advanced form, which will motivate the young minds." - said Mr. Edward Heger, Prime Minister; Slovakia. The car is designed by Brenislav Moukes, designer of Ferrari models. The main theme of the Pavilion, situated in the center of Mobility district is "Travel to The Future ; Hydrogen, Aviation, Space". 

Athira Sreekumar