New Code of conduct released for internet usage in schools.

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Create Date: 14/09/2021
New Code of conduct released for internet usage in schools.

Abu Dhabi : A new code of conduct for using internet in educational institutions have been published by the UAE government. This includes 18 rules which are as follows.

1. Collect information useful for improvement in education from the internet.
2. Protect the equipment's from loss and theft.
3. Use strong passwords.
4. Report technical errors.
5. Update applications regularly.
6. Never keep the equipments with antivirus or firewall installed without using.
7. Do not download applications or softwares without licence.
8. Do not post or circulate that are which can come under violation of rules.
9. Ignore the messages from non trustworthy sources.
10. Use safe search engines.
11. Students must report account hacking cases.
12. To enter to the accounts on educational platforms students must use strong password or fingerprints.
13. Use only the educational platforms which are approved by the UAE government.
14. Do not publish unlawful comments against teachers, employees or any other people in such educational platforms.
15. Do not capture or publish videos without the permission of children or other employees.
16. Always cross check the source of the link before opening it.
17. About the activities that are against the code of conduct.
18. Bring computers to the institutions at the time of instruction.