How Many More Nirbhayas needed to change the rules?

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Create Date: 08/09/2021
On one fine December morning, nine years ago, India woke up to the news of the brutalities that a young medical intern had to face. Even though she fought valiantly, finally death emerged victorious. The incident had awoken massive protests all over the world. The culprits were caught and due punishments were given, but no punishment could mitigate the loss of the family and dear ones. Whole country had only one prayer, let no more such loss happen to any other families, which is again lest unheard, as Nirbhaya repeats in New Delhi.

Raised by a single mother, who toiled day and night to provide the best living to her daughter, Rabia Saifi too had dreams about her life. She fulfilled the same by becoming a civil defense officer, in the District Magistrate Office, Lajpat Nagar, New Delhi,  making her mother's efforts bear fruit. After four months of her appointment, her dead body was found in Bihar,  with both her breasts cut off, Vagina tore off with some weapon, A deep cut in her neck, A hole like wound in her chest, due to stabbing, More than 50 wounds all over the body,  brutal gang rape by more than four men, and all these done before her death. Succumbing to the severe wounds, she finally loses her life. Irony is that, all these happened in real, and not in some movies. 

At least some of the readers may think, what was the grave mistake that she committed to be punished like this ! Her "mistake" was that  she did not agree to the corruption taking place in her office, and tried to report the same to the higher authorities. Even being a police officer, this 21 year old woman could not save herself from being wronged terribly. 

On August 26th, when her family found that she was missing, called her colleagues and others in touch. It was after sometime that one of her colleagues reverted back. She ensured that the call wasn't being recorded, and informed that their daughter was taken away by some of their colleagues themselves, and they told that She will be left after inquisition. When the family asked the contact details of higher officers, she became afraid, told that she  was under surveillance, and hanged up the call. They then reached the police station to file a complaint, where the officials informed that an FIR was registered already, and they were sent home, with what they had to say left unheard. Fact is that, even after the body of the victim was recovered from Bihar, and was cremated, no such case were registered in any of the stations, and even after such a long period after her death, no proceedings to catch the culprits, who are also Government servants, is initiated. 

After being more ruthless than the Nirbhaya case also, No channels reported the incident, no legal help, No protests for her justice, No hashtags emerged in Social Media, No people holding candles were found on the streets of India, pleading justice. Even those who came to know about the incident kept it undercover. One more soul departed, being cruelly punished for herself being just to her duty, and still there might be people who are not aware of such an incident. 

She was a commoner, who had extraordinary dreams. She was ready to fight with the corrupted system, and this is how she is been given justice. When a police officer had to face such barbarity, what guarantee can the 71 year old, world's longest written constitution can provide to the safety of its 663 million women? Only one last question remains... How many more Nirbhayas must sacrifice their lives to bring changes in the system ! What remains is only the hope again, that this will not be repeated.