Travel to space or have a closer look of Mangalyaan ; Indian Pavilion to surprise the visitors.

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Create Date: 07/09/2021
Dubai : The Indian Pavilion, built with 600 blocks cutting edge technology will definitely be a wonder to the visitors of Expo 2020. 

Images an videos of different themes, including India's culture, history and heritage will appear in these blocks each day. While stepping inside, one can view India's space missions as well as the future projects. Central Commerce Secretary B.V.R. Subramanian stated that the construction of Indian Pavilion has completed, from the briefing conducted online as well as directly from the New Delhi Udyog Bhawan. "India is one among those few countries who are building a permanent Pavilion in the Expo. Hence even after the Expo, the remenants of India will remain in the Expo City. It will give a new life to the Indian economic sector, as well as give a global recognition to the Indian culture as well as history. " - he added.

In the six months of the expo, the pavilion will portray the cultures of all the different states of India. Indian Pavilion is one of the biggest one in the Expo. All the leading manufacturers as well as startups will become a part of expo. Being conducted in the 75th anniversary year of Indian Independence, Indian culture and history will be given prominence in the Expo. On the second day of expo, it is Gandhi Jayanti. On this day as well as on January 26th, several activities including cultural programs, debates, online workshops and so on will be conducted.

Ground Floor

The ground floor of the pavilion will portray the different space missions of India. One can visualise the same in the garb of a space traveller. The trajectory and all the related details regarding the Mangalyaan mission will also be provided in this floor. The future Indian space missions as well as areas dedicated to exhibit the importance of Ayurveda and yoga will be  present in the ground floor.

First Floor 

The second floor will be designed based on the theme "Colours of India". This area will exhibit the monuments of India including Taj Mahal, India gate and so on. It will also portray the culture, heritage, sports, arts as well as textiles sectors of India.

Second Floor 

The second floor is built on the theme "Discover India". The history of India since the last 75 years will be portrayed in this pavilion. It will also display the future opportunities in India, the future business establishments which will be formed in India as well as the vision of Prime Minister Narendra Modi about India's future.

Third Floor

The third floor is entirely dedicated to the commercial sector of India. One can get acquainted with the leading brands as well as industries in India. The art theatre in this floor will be provided for cultural shows, meetings as well as receptions. This floor will also become a platform for different business meetings.