UAE embassy opened in Israel.

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Create Date: 16/07/2021
Dubai : UAE embassy started functioning at in Tel Aviv, the capital of Israel, as per the Abraham pact, signed last year, with a view to strengthen the relationship between the two nations. Issac Herzog, the newly elected president of Israel, Mariam Al Muhairi, food and water safety minister of UAE, UAE ambassador Muhammad Al Khwaja etc. took part in the inaugural ceremony.

After the inaugural ceremony, the Tel Aviv stock exchange also started functioning. "The new center will work as an agent to foster the relationship between the nations." - said Mr. Issac Herzog, President of Israel.

The UAE ambassador Muhammad Al Khwaja stated that the embassy will not only work for the government employees, but also will serve as an agency to establish peace as well as to nourish the relationship between the nations.

New agreements, to promote research and development in the field of agriculture were also signed. During the last month, external affairs minister of Israel, Mr. Yair Lapid had visited UAE, and took part in several functions.