The dream come true for generations ; Argentina lifts COPA America Football Cup after 28 years.

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Create Date: 12/07/2021
On the night when the attacking midfielder cum winger Angel Di Maria rose into power, the twenty eight year long wait of Argentina fans came to an end with the team lifting the COPA America Football Cup. Captain Lionel Messi gets the first international win, by the match. When it was a happy ending for Argentina, for Brazil, who reached finals as the champions, Maracana gave their worst nightmares. 

Both the teams were giving each other a tough fight until  on the  22nd minute, when Di Maria got a pass from Rodrigo Di Paul, which he safely chipped to the net, overcoming Ederson's defence. 

Even when Brazil played hard during the second half of the game, they couldn't get over the blue army. Still during the 51st and 87th minute, Richalson and Gabriel Barboza respectively tried to hit a goal, but it all went in vain.