15 lakhs NRIs move to Kerala due to the Pandemic Situation ; will it adversely affect economy?

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Create Date: 05/07/2021

Abu Dhabi : Almost 15 lakhs expatriates have lost their job, and returned to Kerala as a result of the weakening economy due to Covid-19, which is an issue of concern.

The income from NRIs from West Asia forms the backbone of the Economy of Kerala. Almost 20 lakhs of people from the state work in these countries. Due to this fact, the massive return of expatriates can adversely affect the economic sector of Kerala.

As per the reports came up on 18th June, almost 10 lakhs of people lost their job. How many among these could return is still unknown. The reports from Airport Authority of India (AAI), 27 lakhs of people have moved out from the four international airports of Kerala since may 2020.

NORKA reports that 1463176 people have moved to Kerala during this time period among which 10,45,288 people have lost their jobs. Constitutes for almost 70 percentage of the people who have moved to their native place. 2.90 lakhs of people have an expired visa period, due to which they cannot return.

96 percentage of the people who came back are from UAE, Oman, Qatar and Saudi Arabia. These people now faced difficulties to get employed in their native place or start a new initiative. The extended ban of flight services is also a matter of concern. Norka recruitment manager Ajith Kolassery states that the central government has not enquired the details regarding the people who returned after coming back to Kerala.

Among the people who lost their jobs, only 1.70 lakhs, of people have applied for the emergency  help of Rs. 5000/-. 1.30 lacs people have got the amount and the proceedings for the rest are in the progress.