"EXPO 2020 will give a new outlook to Dubai" - M. A. Yusufali

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Create Date: 05/07/2021

Dubai : Lulu group chairman M A Yusufali stated that the upcoming EXPO 2020 will give a new outlook to Dubai, while speaking in the Media Majilis, held at Abu Dhabi. LuLu group is playing their part well in the expo, both in the Indian Pavilion as well as outside. A new hypermarket was begun in silicon oasis to give a new shopping experience to the people who reach the expo. When the lion's share of the world's population reaches the venue, there will be considerable hike in the tourism as well as the retail sectors.

LuLu group has opened 26 hypermarkets and supermarkets after the onset of covid-19. Among this 15 of them was opened this year. 4 
E - commerce centres were also opened. Among the 57,950 employees of Lulu group, 32,000 are Indians, of which 29,460 are malayalees. 3418 workers were employed during the pandemic period. The group plans to start 30 more hypermarket in one and a half years. The Thiruvananthapuram shopping centre is all set to open by the end of this year. It was delayed due to covid-19.

The centre of Bengaluru could not be opened due to  lock down. The hypermarket of Lucknow is also set to open.  The designs of the food processing units of Jammu and Noida is also finished. New hypermarkets will also be opened in Kottayam, Thrissur as well as Calicut. 

"I was saved from the accident due to god's grace.  Even my pilot couldn't judge what had happened I was in rest after the accident. A keyhole surgery was also done. I am healthy enough to walk and six I will reach Kerala and meet in person the people who helped me at the spot of accidents once I am able to travel." - Added Mr. Yusufali.