"My father often said that I was born in Yemen, and Arabic was my blood. - Says Mukesh Ambani.

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Create Date: 05/07/2021

The Qatar Economic Forum QEF came to an end last day by adding new chapters to the world economy. Many eminent personalities from the fields of economics, politics as well as national leaders took part in the forum which was completely held online.

It was during the conference that Mukesh Ambani, chairman of of Reliance Industries as well as the richest person in India revealed his relationship with the Middle East. "My father reached Yemen during his younger age and I think I was born in Yemen. He also used to remark that I had Arabic blood. I also consider the relationship between all the Arab countries as the most valuable." - he added.

The forum which aimed at discussing the future of global economy in the post covid environment was inaugurated by Aamir shaikh Tameem Binn Hamad Althani. It also mart for the participation of a large number of of delegates from all over the world.

'Modern technology' , 'Sustainable world', 'Market and investment',  'Power and trade' 'Changing consumers',  and  'All - inclusive world' were the 6 most important topics discussed and analysed during the forum. The progress of projects like the 2022 Qatar world cup was also discussed.