"KITEX Shall not leave Kerala; the issues must be resolved" - M A YUSAFALI

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Create Date: 04/07/2021
Dubai : LuLu group chairman and NORKA roots Vice chairman M.A. YUSAFALI, remarked that he longed to the continuation of KITEX group in Kerala itself. He was responding to the media, on the recent news of KITEX group, withdrawing themselves from the investment project of 3500 crores, due to the illtreatment from the part of the government.

"Even the investment of one crore has its own value for Kerala.The private organisations as well as government must work together in the efforts to create employment opportunities for the youth. Both the parties must solve the recent conflicts over a discussion. The news of eminent business groups leaving Kerala will create a bad impression." Said Mr. YUSAFALI. He also opined that he will have a word with Mr. D. Sabu Jacob, Managing Director, KITEX group.