Emirates Live is a Dubai based Indian news and PR agency. We provide frontline media with news, photographs and videos. Kaumudi TV, News 24, Anand TV UK, News 99, Rainbow TV etc are among our customers. The ISO 9000-2008 company that started in 2010 is currently working with Dubai as it's head office. We play a crucial role in circulating news from Kerala and The Middle East across the world. We have over a hundred professionals working 24X7 in digital marketing, video production, photography, social media handling, live streaming etc

                 Emirates Live is one among the leading companies when it comes to creating digital platforms for individuals and institutions. We will be by your side to inform the world about Individuals, institutions or awards making use of online platforms like YouTube and Facebook. We are ready with a dedicated crew for providing all sorts of PR services via YouTube channels, Facebook pages and video photo shoots.